RTOG Translational Research Program (TRP) Committee



The goal of the RTOG Translational Research Program (TRP) is to promote communication of scientific ideas from the research laboratory into RTOG clinical trials by informing the basic science committees on important emerging research in tumor biology, chemical and biological modifiers, and pathology. To that end, specimens derived from RTOG clinical trials are viewed as our most valuable and precious resource, limited and nonrenewable.  It is the TRP Committee's highest priority to encourage, optimize and prudently prioritize the use of this resource.  To meet this goal RTOG employs a comprehensive application process to allocate biospecimen material.  Requests for Application (RFP) are issued for our largest trials. 

Biospecimen Availability – Inventory of biospecimens from RTOG clinical trials


Biospecimen Request Procedures – Procedures for submitting an application to use RTOG biospecimens

RTOG Policy on Letters of Support for Grant Funding – Investigators requesting a letter of support (LOS) from RTOG must follow this Group policy.  Requests must be received at RTOG headquarters at least 60 days prior to the grant due date so RTOG has sufficient time to evaluate the data/specimen request.

Forms - Note:  Letters of support for grant applications that plan to use RTOG biospecimens cannot be provided unless the TRP application has been approved by RTOG and NCI. This process can take 4 - 6 months.

RTOG Resource Request Application Form – Investigators requesting biospecimen materials, clinical data, dosimetric data, and/or statistical analysis must submit this form

Biospecimen Feasibility Letter of Intent (LOI) Form – Investigators requesting the use of biospecimen material must submit this form together with their RTOG Resource Request Application Form. The project will receive an initial review for specimen availability and feasibility upon submission of this form.  If this initial review is favorable the investigator will be asked to submit a TRP Biospecimen Access Application Form.

TRP Biospecimen Access Application Form– Investigators responding to a posted RTOG RFA or who have received approval of their LOI submit this form to begin the formal review process.

Cooperative Group Banking (CGB) Biospecimen Access Application Form – This form is used to request Biospecimen material from the Cooperative Group Banking repositories.


TRP Committee Liaisons


           Adam P. Dicker, MD, PhD, adamdicker@mac.com


            Ying Xiao, PhD, ying.xiao@jefferson.edu

            Soren Benzon, DSc, PhD, bentzen@humonc.wisc.edu

Brain Tumors

            Arnab Chakravarti, MD, arnab.chakravarti@osumc.edu

Breast Cancer

            Wendy Woodward, MD, PhD, wwoodward@mdanderson.org

GI Cancers

            Chandan Guha, MD, cguha@montefiore.org

            Sunil Krishnan, MD, skrishnan@mdanderson.org

GU Cancer

            Felix Feng, MD, ffeng@med.umich.edu

            Alan Pollack, MD, PhD, APollack@med.miami.edu

 Head & Neck Cancers

             Christine H. Chung, MD, cchung11@jhmi.edu


            James Hodge, PhD, MBA, jh241d@nih.gov

Lung Cancer

            Bo Lu, MD,  Bo.Lu@jeffersonhospital.org


            Arnab Chakravarti, MD, arnab.chakravarti@osumc.edu

            Adam P. Dicker, MD, PhD, adamdicker@mac.com


            Peter Houghton, PhD, Peter.Houghton@nationwidechildrens.org

Biospecimen Resource

            Richard Jordan, DDS, PhD, Richard.jordan@ucsf.edu