The RTOG Foundation is the successor to the NCI-funded Radiation Therapy Oncology Group. The Radiation Therapy Oncology Group was initially organized in 1968 as a national clinical cooperative group for the purpose of conducting radiation therapy research and cooperative clinical investigations.  Funding from the National Cancer Institute began in 1971.  The Group grew considerably since the activation of its first study in 1968, an adjuvant methotrexate study for head and neck cancer that enrolled over 700 patients and formed the baseline for many of the clinical investigations in the area of head and neck cancer.

As an NCI-funded cooperative group, the RTOG activated over 500 protocols, accrued more than 110,000 patients to cooperative group studies, and published over 1,000 papers reporting the results of its findings.  The Group was the leading multicenter research organization systematically testing novel radiotherapy approaches against cancer and pursuing fully integrated translational research to support and further this effort.  The Group’s research was directed towards evaluating new evidence-based approaches to patients with solid tumors of the brain, upper aerodigestive tract (head and neck), lung, gastrointestinal system, and genitourinary tract (prostate and bladder) with focused efforts directed within the working groups in breast cancer, gynecologic cancer, sarcoma, and symptom management.

RTOG Informational Brochure