RTOG Mission



RTOG's Mission is to:

  • Improve the survival outcome and quality of life of adults with cancer through the conduct of high-quality clinical trials.
  • Evaluate new forms of radiotherapy delivery and test new systemic and targeted therapies in conjunction with radiotherapy in the context of clinical research.
  • Participate as one of three member organizations in the activities of NRG Oncology Foundation.
  • Develop and conduct practice-changing clinical trials for the NCI National Clinical Trial Network (NCTN) through RTOG's membership in NRG Oncology.
  • Develop and conduct industry-supported clinical trials that are important to RTOG's research mission.
  • Provide funding for basic, clinical, and translational investigators to collaborate with RTOG in the development of both biologic and biophysical targeted therapies.
  • Support young investigators from many disciplines within the RTOG research enterprise through fellowships, travel awards, and RTOG Next Generation Investigator Awards.