Lost to Follow-up

If absolutely no information is available regarding the status of the patient, a communication memo should be submitted to HQ listing all efforts made to obtain patient information.   Example:
                         Left message on home phone- no response
                         Certified letter sent- no response
                         No data in SSDI
                         Emergency contact- no response
                         No updates in tumor registry
Submit the communication memo in lieu of the F1 Form that is due for that time period so that the F1 is suppressed from your calendar.  
In the event that there is no information regarding the patient status over a period of 2 consecutive years the patient will be deemed Lost to Followup.  If the patient is located after being deemed Lost to Followup you are required to notify HQ by submitting a F1 Form.
Note: If the only information available is that the patient is alive,  this must be reported on the F1 form noting the date and patient status.  The remainder of the form can be filled out using unknown.