Patient Transfers

The Patient Transfer Form must be completed in order to authorize the transfer a patient from one NRG Oncology member institution to another. IRB approval for the protocol(s) at the recipient institution must be on file. Transfers between Lead Protocol Organizations are not permitted. This form must be signed by the institutional Principal Investigator at the institution where the patient was originally registered on study and by the Principal Investigator at the recipient institution. The completed form is submitted by the original PI to Clinical Trials Administration. Before the transfer is completed, both investigators should review the caveats to transfer, described in the RTOG Procedure Manual. Upon receipt of the form, the Legacy RTOG records and database are changed to reflect that the recipient institution is responsible for the case. Upon completion of the transfer, Administration signs a confirmation of the change with a copy sent to each investigator. Please note that it may take up to one week for the transfer to be completed once the form is submitted to Headquarters.


Patient Transfer Form