RTOG Foundation Committees

Research Strategy Committee

The Research Strategy Committee is responsible for reviewing and prioritizing proposed RTOGF trial concepts and presenting concepts to the RTOGF board, identifying protocol chairs and co-chairs for RTOGF trials as needed, collaborating with the RTOGF board to develop future research direction and strategies, provide a framework for reviewing and approving scientific publications, and mentoring and training young and/or new investigators.



Edwin Posadas



Mark Mishra





Katelyn Atkins


Yuhchyau Chen


Jun Gong


Samuel Klempner


Nina Sanford


Dian Wang


James Yu


Governance Committee

The Governance Committee is responsible for annually reviewing and updating the RTOGF conflict of interest policy as well as implementing this COI process across RTOGF and reviewing potential conflicts that are identified. Additionally, this committee regularly reviews bylaws and proposes modifications as needed and develops a framework for reviewing and updating RTOGF policies and procedures.



Stuart J. Wong




Lisa Kachnic


Seth Rosenthal


Maria Werner-Wasik

Membership Committee

The Membership Committee is responsible for recruiting investigators and sites to RTOGF as well as for developing a long-lasting relationship between RTOGF and investigators through communications and feedback. In addition, the committee is also responsible for nominating and leading the elections for the positions of RTOGF board member and board chair.



Seth Rosenthal




Jean-Paul Bahary


Bridget Koontz


Clifford Robinson


Tony Wang

Communications Committee

The Communications Committee is responsible for expanding content development and reach of the current RTOGF communications channels and platforms, including website, newsletters, email marketing, and social media. The committee is also responsible for the development of educational materials for member sites and corporate partners.



Kristin Higgins




Fumiko Chino


Michael Chuong


William Hall


Salma Jabbour


Miriam Knoll


Bryan Traughber


Dian Wang


Participate in RTOG Research

To participate as an RTOG study investigator, your organization must be part of the RTOG Foundation network. Patients who wish to participate in a study must be under the care of an RTOG participating investigator. For additional information, email info@rtog.org or call 1-215-574-3173.

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