Data Submission


Digital DICOM RT Plan Data Submission to RTOG Using the TRIAD Portal


What is TRIAD?

The American College of Radiology’s image acquisition and management software, Transmission of Imaging and Data (TRIAD), via electronic installation.  TRIAD offers a web-based, software solution allowing institutions to submit DICOM data securely through electronic transmission.  Internal to the site, TRIAD allows the site to "DICOM push" from the site's Treatment Planning System (TPS), thus eliminating the need to burn physical media.  Once the institution has transferred the RT data onto a TRIAD workstation, the software will anonymize, encrypt, and submit the DICOM RT data via secure internet to the RTOG image archive.

The instance of TRIAD used for RTOG Foundation trials (TRIAD Clinical Trials) is different than the instance used for NRG Oncology NCI trials.  If you currently have TRIAD installed no further installation is needed.

RT sites must obtain access to TRIAD prior to enrolling their first subject.

It is highly recommended to have the Medical Physicist or Dosimetrist to complete the TRIAD installation. To initiate the TRIAD Client installation of TRIAD, the Physicist and/or Dosimetrist must visit the link below and complete the Account Registration and Installation. 

To obtain an Okta account to access TRIAD, use this link:

  • To avoid possible firewall issues, Administrative rights may be needed to complete this download.  
  • The TRIAD application must be installed on a workstation that has access to the treatment planning software and is capable of submitting data through an online portal.

TRIAD Access
  • If you have TRIAD installed for NRG Oncology trials or for RTOG Foundation trials, no further installation is required.
  • If you have a TRIAD User account for RTOG Foundation trials you will be able to use it for this trial.  If you only have a User account for NRG Oncology trials you will need a new User account for this trial as this domain does NOT use CTEP IAM usernames.
    • To confirm if you already have a TRIAD User account email Include your full name and Site Name.

System Requirements for TRIAD download

Need help with TRIAD installation?  

Contact TRIAD-Support: For TRIAD Installation issues ONLY

T: 703.390.9858 or,

TRIAD Support is available from Monday to Friday between 8am - 5pm ET

All other questions should be directed to Please be sure to include the trial number in the subject line of your message.  For technical issues or account questions, it is helpful to provide screenshots illustrating the problem so that we can expedite a resolution.


Data Submission

All submissions of RT Plan data via TRIAD must be followed by the submission of a Digital Data Submission Information (DDSI) Form.

How do I obtain an account for the DDSI Form?




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