RTOGF Accruals Now Count Towards NRG Membership

December 19, 2022

NRG Oncology has amended the accrual requirements to achieve and maintain Main, Affiliate, Voting and International Member statuses. Enrollments to trials conducted by its member foundations, the GOG, NSABP and RTOG Foundations, may now be credited for a portion of the accrual needed to meet the NRG Oncology membership requirements. The NRG Oncology Board of Directors approved this change during its August 25, 2022 meeting. At the end of each calendar year the three foundations will provide NRG with a summary of the institutional accruals to its non-NRG Oncology trials. The Membership Committee will review institutional performance using data that includes those accruals . Below is a summary of the foundation accrual that can be used to meet NRG Oncology membership requirements.

RTOGF studies that WILL count towards NRG accrual requirements:

  • RTOG 3506
  • RTOG 3507
  • RTOG 3509/10
  • RTOG 3515
  • ACR 3518

RTOGF studies that WILL NOT count towards NRG accrual requirements:

  • RTOG 3516
  • RTOG 3519

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